Thursday, September 9, 2010

geometry around the house

What comes to mind when you think of geometry? How do you define it? What is it that people study when they study geometry? How does an understanding of geometry inform our everyday experiences?

For this assignment, simply look around your house or neighborhood. Search for things that rely in some way on geometry for their function, design, or aesthetic appeal. For example, you might point out a manhole cover in the ground; the fact that it is circular in shape is very important to its function. On the other hand, pointing out a stop sign as an octagon does little to help us understand why, if at all, it is interesting.

Give me a sense of your approach to geometry by answering the questions that I posed at the start of this post. Then, list three things that you found, and for each, write a short paragraph about the ways in which you think geometry plays a role in its function, design, and/or aesthetic appeal.

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  1. 1)When I think of geometry I think of things like shapes and angles mostly.

    2)A branch of math having to do with the study of shapes.

    3)They study the properties and relations of points, lines, and solids.

    4) I guess it gives us a better understanding of how to go about building thins.

    Three Things that Geometry Plays a Role In...
    1)A skyscraper because when building the foundation of one, geometry becomes really important, not only for the building to be able to stand up, but for it to be resistant aganist weather and natural disasters.

    2)A bridge because it needs to be able to support a lot of weight with the cars that go over it every day, as well as be able to lift up when a boat goes under it.

    3)A pyrimid like the ones in Egypt mostly because of how they look have to do with geometry.

  2. I would describe geometry as a study of shapes and lines and how they relate. I think of shapes and their function when I think about geometry. When people study geometry they are studying surfaces and and different functions of certain shapes. A chair is a an object that relies on geometry, this is because the specific shapes that go into the chair determine if it balances, and how big or small it is. A second object that relies on geometry is a window, this is because the amount of light or air that gets through depends on the size and shapes of the glass or wood. Finally, a pencil relies on geometry, this is because the way you hold or use the pencil depends on how it is shaped, and the eraser is a certain shape for a specific reason.

  3. When I think of geometry shapes come to my mind, and how the shapes work and compare with each other. I think of defining geometry as the part of math dealing with shapes, sizes, and positions. When people study geometry they study how the shapes compare with each other and the areas of space that is between them. There are pieces of geometry all around us in our every day lives.
    One thing that is based on geometry is the way that gears on a bike function to keep the bike moving. If the gears do not match up perfectly, then the bike is not able to function properly and therefor unable to move.
    Another item in our daily life that is based off geometry is a cooking whisk. Its shape allows the substance that you are mixing to mix in a certain way. It not like a normal spoon because it is built very differently. Being built this way, it is good for mixing things like eggs and milk together because it beats them together and breaks the yolk.
    One last thing that is based on geometry and used in our daily life is a steering wheel. Because of its shape, it makes it easy to turn the car the way that you want it to go. If you want to car to go left, you just spin the wheel left.

  4. When I think of geometry I think of the genius old guys trying to solve a really long equation for years. Or I just think of a triangle with each side length labeled with a length except for one and at the bottom it says find the missing side length.
    I think the definition of geometry is a bunch of lines lined up in such a way it creates a shape that has different number measurements that a student tries to figure out.
    When mathematicians study geometry they study how shapes are similar to each other as well as other shapes around us during everyday life.
    If there was no geometry in the everyday life then there wouldn't be anything. No buildings because that involves calculating the height, length, and depth or how the wind might affect it. There wouldn't be objects of any kind because you would need a factory and a factory is a building and either way the factory wouldn't have anything to make cause then you would need math to tell the machines what to do.
    My first object it a car tire. Because a tire is round cars are able to travel pretty fast and very smoothly. If tires were square it would be a very bumpy ride as well as you might no proceed forward at all because the 90 degree angle is too hard for a car to proceed over.
    My second object is blinds or shades for a window. Many shades are long flat rectangles. Therefore they prevent the least amount of light coming through because they cover the most surface area since the flat sides fit together nicely. If they blinds were circles a lot of light would pass through from the spaces left in between the circles lining up next to each other.
    My third object is pillar because if a pillar was skinny then the building it supports must be very small and not way much since a skinny pillar cant withstand as much weight as a thick pillar

  5. 1)When I think about geometry what comes to my mind is shapes and figures.

    2) The section of math that has to do with shapes and figures.

    3)When people study geometry they are studying the relationships between different shapes, lines, and figures.

    4) Geometry informs our everyday decisions by giving us measurements that we use on a daily basis. If not for geometry we would not know the height, length or width of any object.

    Three things that geometry plays a role in:
    1) A chair because of the angles of the legs that support the weight of the person in the chair.
    2) A hinge because these allow cabinets and doors to swing open and close at the perfect angle
    3) Stairs because every step needs to be the same height and they need to be at an angle where you're moving up/down.

  6. When I think of geometry, I think about simple shapes that make up bigger objects.
    I would define geometry as the study of simple shapes, and how those shapes are used to solve problems, and create a larger idea or function.
    When people study geometry, they are studying shapes, and the formulas that help them define the measurement of those shapes.
    Understanding geometry helps us everyday to find ways to make structures like buildings, bridges, and cars function in a benefiting way for society.
    The first object I notice in my house is a picture frame. This frame is a square, which means it is a balanced frame so that it can hold up on the wall for a long period of time. Another object is a bicycle because the tires are circular, which helps the bike to move when each tire rotates. The third object is a lightbulb. A lightbulb is usually three dimensional and round so that it can project as much light as possible, to as many areas of a space as possible.

  7. When i think of geometry, i think of shapes such as a rectangle or a circle.
    I define geometry as mathematical figures.
    When people study it, they study these figures and solve problems by applying logic to the situation.
    A understanding of geometry allows us to understand shapes.

    Three items-
    1. A shelf, because geometry allows it to fit perfectly into its fitting, whether it be a cabinet or closet, geometry is the reason that it can have the perfect length/width to fit the specifications of an area.
    2, A fireplace, because geometry allows it to have ascetic appeal with its possible arched mantle or other designs, and give it the practical application of a fire pit.
    3.A computer, because it needs be both practical and have ascetics while being both light and small.

  8. When I think of geometry, I think of different shapes and angles. I would define geometry as many different shapes and different sized objects, put together to build something larger. When people study geometry they study the size, shapes, and angles of objects and how they compare to other shapes. Having an understanding of geometry helps our everyday lives because it helps us to build houses, make comparisons and fit pieces together.
    Three things that rely on geometry:
    1. My bed posts. They rely on geometry because they are round like a cylinder, and wider at the bottom and get smaller at the top. If they were any other shape or size they would not be able to preform this function.

    2. Overhang above my porch. This relies on geometry because it is a triangular object with sharp and strong angles to hold up the rest of the shapes around it. The design uses geometry and works well with the rest of the houses architecture.

    3. The tires on a car. Geometry plays a role in the tires on a car because they are wide circles and have the weight of the car on them. There angles are soft and curved so the car can roll. If the tires had straight lines the car would not roll smoothly.

  9. When I think about geometry I think about all different shapes and how they work together to create larger and perhaps 3D shapes.
    I would define geometry as the study of shapes and how to use them to solve problems.
    When people study geometry they study the way shapes and structures can best be configured to create a certain structure or answer.
    Unerstanding geometry helps poeple make houses and cars and things that people use everyday to function.
    Three things that use geometry around my house are:
    1. Windows use geomety. They are rectangular so that you can slide them up and down easily. If they were circles then the bottom window would not be able to slide up because it wouldn't fit through the bottom of the top circle.
    2. A sail on a modern boat uses geometry because the sail is usually triangular so that the sail stays tight. If it was a square or rectangle the outside would flap because it wouldn't be supported by anything.
    3.Chair legs and table legs also use geometry. The legs are often a 3D rectangle or square so that the bottom can be steady on the ground. If the bottom of the leg was a circle or tip of a triangle it wouldn't be steady.

  10. 1) What comes to mind when I think of geometry is shapes and those books where you have to find the hidden objects because to me they are hidden and have a huge role.
    2)I think geometry is the way shapes and figures are used and applied in our everyday lives and how to make sense of them. It helps us be able to comprehend shapes better.
    3)I think people who study geometry study shapes in depth. They also find out what they could be used for.
    4)I think understanding geometry helps inform us about everyday experiences because since shapes are used for so many things anyone is bound to see them and with geometry you have a better chance of figuring out what the shape is for.
    a)Wheels on my movable bookcase use geometry. They are cylinder shaped so that they can roll on the ground. Cylinders are circular so it can move easily on the sides. Not like a rectangular prism where the sides have edges the object doesn't roll it flips , making it harder to move, as with other objects.
    b)The part of a peak flow meter where you put your mouth uses geometry. It is circular also because you need your mouth to be fully on the piece to get the most accurate measurements of your breathing. If the shape was anything else some of the air you exhale could be left out of the meter.
    c)The neck of a guitar uses geometry. The shape it is helps the person who is playing hold it more easily. It a rectangular prism-like object. More importantly, the neck is one of the parts that supports the strings and without those there wouldn't be any music being played. It can't be circular or triangular because the strings can't be rested that way.

  11. When I think of geometry I think about buildings and shapes. I would define geometry as a kind of math that is about angles and shapes and lines. When people study geometry, they study the angles and shapes and sizes of objects. An understanding of geometry helps us know how and why things work.

    1. Boat - a boat uses geometry so that it can go through water with the least possible resistance. If the front of a boat was flat, it would be harder for the boat to move.
    2. Hourglass - an hourglass uses geometry to control the amount of sand so that it takes a certain amount of time for the bottom half to fill up.
    3. Umbrella - an umbrella uses geometry because when it rains, the rain pours off it so that the person underneath the umbrella doesn't get wet.

  12. When i think of geometry i think of the study of shapes and how to find measurements of shapes. I define geometry as the study of shapes. When people study geometry they study parts of a shape to figure out other measurements of a shape. Geometry is involved everyday because geometry is everywhere around us. One example of geometry is shelves. Shelves use geometry to figure out how long the shelves should be and where they belong. Another thing that shows geometry is tunnels. Tunnels use geometry to stay up and to figure out the dimensions of a tunnel. Something else that samples geometry is a hat. A hat uses geometry to figure out the circumference that the hat needs to be, to be the right size.

  13. When I think of Geometry I think of shapes and numbers. I think of equations and problems that have to do with numbers and shapes. I would define Geometry as the study of shapes and numbers. When people go to study geometry they think of how shapes and numbers relate to one another and how big the shapes are their height, length, etc. Geometry helps people to understand shapes and sizes and way that you wouldn't usually think of. For example, If you look at a square you see for sides that are the same length. When you are studying Geometry you measure the sides of the square, the area, the perimeter and almost all its characteristics.

    Three examples of Geometry are...

    1. If you look a house you see a point at the top in which to sides meet. This has to do with Geometry because the sides of the roof meet so the water can come down the sides into the gutter. If it wasn't like this than water would just sit up on top of your roof and leak through.

    2. Another example is a table. It has a rectangular, circle, or square top that allows people to put stuff on top of it. If it had a triangle on top of the legs, the items would just fall off if you tried to put something on it. Also, the legs of the table keep it balanced. These legs go against gravity and help the table to stay standing for as long as they can unless they are broke or hit.

    3.One last example of Geometry is a Baseball field. This is because you can't just thrown down a mound and a plate and say "play ball". You need to measure our the distance from home plate to the pitchers mound. From base to base and the distance a batter must hit the ball for it to be considered a home run. The dimensions of the field are far more important than the players on it. Without the correct dimensions, they can't play the game correctly.

  14. When I think of geometry I think of different shapes, angles, and lines and their possible functions. I would define geometry as a type of math that focuses on different points, lines, and angles, which all make up different shapes. When people study geometry they are studying the relationships between different objects. Geometry gives practicality and function to our everyday lives with the different relationships between shapes.

    Examples of things that geometry plays a role in:

    1). a sailboat - A sailboat uses geometry because of the shape of the haul. If the bow was not pointed it would not be as easy for the boat to glide through the water. Also, the sails are triangular so they can be secured on both the mast and boom and pick up wind in order to move the boat. If the sails were circular it would be very difficult to secure them onto the mast.

    2). skis - Skis use geometry because there shape affect your balance, speed, and ability to turn. Race skis are skinnier then powder skis so that you can move more quickly through the snow.

    3). silverware - Silverware uses geometry because if there weren't different utensils, then eating food would be very challenging. Imagine eating soup with a knife and a steak with a spoon.

  15. When i think of geometry i think of lines shapes and three dimensional shapes.
    I would define geometry as the study of lines and shape, and angles and how they form different shapes when they are put together.
    People study the dimensions of different shapes and lines, and how they form sides or points on the edge of the shape.
    It gives us an understanding of how different things around us can work together if they line up, which you need geometry for.

    1) a window- a window uses geometry because if one of the rectangle/square glass pieces are not lined up then the whole window would look awkward and wouldnt fit.

    2) a pillar that holds your house up- a pillar uses geometry because if it doesnt line up with the top of your house then the room would cave in

    3) a picture frame- a picture frame uses geometry because the artist needs to make sure the frame is perfectly square or it would look slanted on your wall

  16. When I picture geometry, I think of lines, angles, and shapes and the connections between them. For me geometry describes how these characteristics fit together and construct particular objects. If I were to define geometry I would say that it is a section of mathematics that is mainly concentrated on the study of lines, shapes, and angles and the way they relate as well as connect with each other. When people study geometry they are dealing with the similarities and differences between particular objects. There is geometry all around us, this is some of the objects I found that rely on it:

    1. A window. Not only does a window consist of different geometrical shapes, lines and angles, but it portrays different contrasts of light coming through each individual pane of glass. Depending on the design of the window, light may be seen in different ways during particular times during the day.

    2. A column. A column does not just depict the shape of a cylinder, yet plays a very important role in the architecture and build of a house. By holding up a heavy and superior part of a house, a column must be designed to support heavy structure with a solid foundation.

    3. A plate: a decorative plate with a repetition of shapes in a geometric pattern that pleases the eye and is a form of art.

  17. The things that come to my mind when I think of geometry are shapes and formulas. Examples of shapes are squares, triangles and rectangles. Examples of formulas that come to mind are the circumference, radius and diameter of a circle. At this point, I would define geometry as the study of shapes, angles, and lines. When people study geometry, they mainly study formulas, if/how they work, how different angles fit together and why, and different shapes. However, I'm sure there's way more things that people have learned through geometric studies that I have yet to find out. An understanding of geometry informs us in our everyday life experiences in why things are shaped different ways. For example, a plane is shaped a certain way so that it's aerodynamic. This leads me to architecture. Architects use geometry in the design of everything they draw and build. These are only a couple examples of how geometry is used in everyday life.

    1- The first object that's around in my everyday life and reflects geometry is drawers. I have drawers in my dresser to hold my clothes. It's important that my drawers are rectangle because rectangles can fit a lot in them. Rectangle drawers can hold a lot because they have 90 degree angle corners. If I had circle drawers, I would have this advantage, I would have curves which wouldn't hold as much. Overall, the drawers rely on geometry for their function.

    2- The second object that's present in my everyday life that and that relies on geometry for it's function is the roof to my house. It's pointed at the top for the reason of preventing water leaks. If our roofs were flat, the water would stay on the roof and eventually leak into our house. However, The pointed roofs allow for proper drainage.

    3- The last object present in my everyday life is a soccer goal. The goals are shaped like rectangles to provide angles and planes for the ball to go into. It's the perfect shape for scoring goals.

  18. When I think of geometry, I think of a type of mathematics which uses shapes, lines, and angles to solve equations. When people study Geometry they are studying how shapes are used to solve problems. A problem could be anything from how to make a object or structure hold more weight to solving a court case on paper. Being able to understand geometry, allows us to to understand how things work in everyday life, if you simply look at the objects you own and think about them in a geometric way you begin to understand how things work.

    The first object that is present in my everyday life that relies on geometry are my cars tires. If the tires were not perfectly round circles the ride would not be smooth, and the cars efficiency would drop dramatically.

    The second object that is present in my everyday, life is a pool table. If the pool table was not a rectangle and did not have the angles to play the ball off the would be no way to use the walls to effectively score.

    The third object that is present in my everyday life is a badminton birdie if the birdie did not have a half sphere on the nose is would not be arrow dynamic and would catch to much air to travel.

  19. When i think of geometry several different things come to my mind including shapes, lines, and measurements. I define geometry as a type of math that uses shapes and measurements to solve problems. When people study geometry they study the make up of different shapes and methods to solve everyday measurement situations. If you understand geometry then it can help you everyday such as deciding
    what shape and size of a rug you should buy.

    1. First I chose a table because it shows how many different shapes and angles go into making the table including triangles, squares, and rectangles.

    2. Second I chose a juice glass because it shows the different shapes in which builds up the glass.

    3. The last object i chose is the front door of my house because it incorporates many different shapes in order to operate as a door.

  20. When i consider geometry, the ideas that come to me are shapes, lines, and points. I define geometry as a kind of math that focuses on the relations between lines and points. When studying geometry, people emphasize figuring out how to make equations with shapes work. When you have a even basic understanding of geometry, you can grasp how simple things work, such as how make things like tiles fit into a confined area.

    1. An object of my everyday Life that requires geometry, is the mouth of a poland springs water bottle. If it was not circular, It would be difficult to drink from, and easy for water to miss your mouth.

    2. The second object is a baseball cap. A cap is required to be circular, so it will fit your head and it must go out far and be curved so things, such as water an sunlight with not hit your face or head.

    3. Another object that requires geometry around my home are the legs of a table. The legs of a table must be just the right shape and length, so the table is not wobbly or uneven.

  21. A number of things come to mind when I think of geometry. I think of angles, lines, various shapes, points, and equations. I also think of how these things about the connections between them and how they are incorporated with one another. I would define geometry as a branch of math that includes how different angles, lines, points, and shapes are related. What people study when they study geometry is various formulas that can be used to find out information about lines, shapes, points, and angles. They also study the connections between these things. An understanding of geometry can inform our every day experiences. For example, if you are playing pool you can use your knowledge of angles to calculate where you should shoot.

    1. One object in my everyday life that requires geometry is a CD. A CD is circular. If it were another shape the CD would not be able to fit into CD players and computers. It would also be very hard for the CD to spin if it were any other shape.

    2. Another object in my life are the wheels on my bike. If the wheels on my bike were not circular, they would not rotate. This would enable my bike to move at all, thus defeating its entire purpose.

    3. The last object found around my house is a baseball. A baseball is spherical. If it were not it would be very difficult to throw and catch.

  22. When i think of geometry what comes to mind is shapes, lines, and objects that are integrated into construction and architecture. i would define geometry as a type of math that uses equations and formulas to solve problems concerning shapes and figures.

    1. one object of everyday life that requires geometry is suspension bridges. If the wires that held the bridge together weren't the right length or width the entire bridge would collapse.

    2. Another everyday object that requires geometry is a boat because if the front of the boat wasn't pointed it would be able to cut through the water as well. Also if the bottom of the boat was not rounded it would be more difficult for it to float in the water.

    3. The final object that requires geometry is my bicycle wheels. If the weren't circular the bike wouldn't be able to move when I pedaled it.

  23. When I think of geometry i think of line, angles, and shape, and how those connect to each other. From what i know, i would define geometry as the relationships and connections that lines, shapes, and angles have with each other. When people study geometry they study lines, shapes, and angles and they use formulas to create ways of finding different facts about shapes. When you understand geometry it helps you understand how certain things are made like houses, cars, building, and why certain shapes are used in certain places for a specific reason.

    1. Window frames have to be at the right angles so that they can support the house and not collapse but still be able to hold the glass and not have that break.
    2. The blade of scissors have to be at the correct angle or else they wont be able to cut well and they will have very little use.
    3. A computer mouse uses geometry because it has to be curved so your hand can fit to the mouse but it still has to be big enough so it can be practically used.

  24. When i think of geometry I think of lines shapes and other things.
    1) A house because the way a roof is slanted to keep rain flowing off to the side into the gutters and the square windows to conserve heat.
    2) The second is a collander because the half sphere shape holds more than a square, triangle or a rectangle. Also the circular holes in the bottom allow for liquids to spill out but not solids.
    3) The spork has a shallow circular shape which allows soups to be eaten and also the long prongs to use on solid things

  25. When i think of geometry i think of shapes and all the ways shapes impact our daily lives. I would define geometry as the study of shapes and ways to use them to solve problems.

    1) One example would be the wheels of a car because wheels must be perfectly round in order to fit into the place they belong. The main reason though is because is they can be round a car will run much better because u won't hit bumps from the wheels not being round.

    2) The windows in my house because they rely on being an exact shape so they can fit and open and close properly without any problems. The shapes vary in size depending on the size the window needs to be.

    3) A third example would be a fire hydrant. It has to be an exact shape for a hose to fit onto it and so it can properly fit into the ground.

  26. When i think of geometry i think of shapes. I would define geometry as the study of shapes. What people study during geography is the angles and different types of shapes. Also they study how the shapes interact. GEometry gives us a better understanding of how things are built, and how to build things.

    1) A window. A window because the shape of the window lets in a certain amount of sunlight depending on it shape.
    2) A roof. A roof bescuase it is a triangle that covers the whole house. And when it rains, the rain slids down the roof.
    3) A car wheel. A car wheel because it always the car to move.